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How well do you know
AWS logos?

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AWS Logo Quiz

How well do you know AWS Logos?


AWS Logo Quiz

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CloudForecast is a simple daily email report to help you keep an eye on your AWS cost.
Wait, what’s the prize?
Trying to name the AWS services based on the logo is a tough task. To reward you for making this far, we’re giving away a few free CloudForecast shirts and Amazon IoT Button to few lucky folks. However, we want everybody to win something so just enter your email below to get 2 FREE months of services.
Do I need to be a CloudForecast client to enter the giveaway?
Nope! There is no purchase necessary to enter the raffle. All you need to do is share your score via Twitter to challenge your friends!
When are you picking the winners?
The winners will be picked randomly on Tuesday, December 4th 2018 from all Twitter users who shared their scores. We will announce and contact the winner directly via Twitter.
Can I enter the giveaway multiple times to boost my chances?
Unfortunately, no! Only one tweet per account will be counted, and anyone using multiple accounts to enter the giveaway multiple times will be ineligible to win.
What is CloudForecast?
CloudForecast is a simple daily email report that helps companies monitor and optimize their AWS cost.
What if I want to learn more?
Feel free to enter in your email above, check us out at or you can email us at