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Happy New Year! Reflecting on the Past Two Years and 2020 Feature Releases

2021 marks the start of year three working full-time on CloudForecast for Francois and I! It’s been quite a journey and uphill battle to get to where we are at...

New Features: AWS Monthly Financial Report and Dashboard Improvements

We’re ending the month of March with one new feature and and existing feature improvement:

New Features: Monitor your AWS Saving Plans, Reduce the Noise & Show Usage Only

Happy belated New Years from CloudForecast!! We hope the start of 2020 has been going well for you all. We’re coming in hot with three new features available to you...

Send AWS Usage Reports Via Slack And Other New Cost-Saving Features

We have four new features available today on CloudForecast. Here is a quick rundown of everything new and shiny.

CloudForecast's New Feature: AWS Reserved Instances Weekly Report

Investing in AWS reserved instances is a great way to help you reduce your monthly AWS cost. The potential savings can be up to 75% compared to on-demand pricing if...

Get The Most Out Of Your AWS Reserved Instances With CloudForecast's New Monitoring Feature

We’re constantly looking for ways to help deliver additional value that saves you time and money on Amazon Web Services.

New Feature: Drill Down Into Your AWS Cost With CloudForecast's New Dashboard Tool

Here at CloudForecast, we’re constantly gathering product feedback from our customers. We love learning about their problems around AWS cost and figure out ways to build new AWS cost optimization...

CloudForecast's 2018 Year-End Summary Report

With a new year, it’s always important to take the time to reflect but also look forward to a new year.

Interview With CloudForecast's Founders: Francois Lagier And Kacy Fortner

This was previously featured on Hacker Noon and written by Davis Baer. Davis Baer is the Co-founder of 💻 & Host of the Hacker Noon Founder Interview series 💬....

CloudForecast Story: What We Learned Spending 2 Million Annually On AWS

One word that sums up our journey launching CloudForecast is “uncomfortable”. A lot of our time was spent learning new things that stretched us into “uncomfortable” territory the past 9...