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Using Parquet On Amazon Athena For AWS Cost Optimization

To show you how you can optimize your AWS Athena query and save money, we will use the ‘2018 Flight On-Time Performance’ dataset from the Bureau of Transportation Statistics (

Using Reaper Serverless Functions To Reduce Your AWS Bill

There are a lot of factors to consider when thinking about building your applications and services inside of Amazon Web Services. Often times there is a learning curve that individuals...

GitLab CEO Sid Sijbrandij About Growth Strategies And Common Marketing Mistakes In SaaS Companies

The CloudForecast team recently had a chance to do a “Pick Your Brain” session with the CEO of GitLab, Sid Sijbrandij. The range of topics included, keys to marketing to...

Send AWS Usage Reports Via Slack And Other New Cost-Saving Features

We have four new features available today on CloudForecast. Here is a quick rundown of everything new and shiny.

CloudForecast's 2018 Year-End Summary Report

With a new year, it’s always important to take the time to reflect but also look forward to a new year.

Interview With CloudForecast's Founders: Francois Lagier And Kacy Fortner

This was previously featured on Hacker Noon and written by Davis Baer. Davis Baer is the Co-founder of 💻 & Host of the Hacker Noon Founder Interview series 💬....