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Send AWS Usage Reports Via Slack And Other New Cost-Saving Features

We have four new features available today on CloudForecast. Here is a quick rundown of everything new and shiny.

Introduction to AWS Reserved Instances

There is nothing I love more than saving money (except maybe delicious food). And I don’t know too many people who don’t love saving money, not to mention making the...

Building A Serverless Event-Driven Pipeline That Boosts Your AWS Monitoring Efforts

Event-Driven Architecture An event-driven architecture is one in which a system reacts to events that are emitted by other systems. The definition of an event can vary based on the...

CloudForecast's New Feature: AWS Reserved Instances Weekly Report

Investing in AWS reserved instances is a great way to help you reduce your monthly AWS cost. The potential savings can be up to 75% compared to on-demand pricing if...

Get The Most Out Of Your AWS Reserved Instances With CloudForecast's New Monitoring Feature

We’re constantly looking for ways to help deliver additional value that saves you time and money on Amazon Web Services.