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Streamline Your AWS Cost Monitoring Efforts with CloudForecast - The Easy-to-Use Solution for Busy Engineers, SRE, DevOps and Tech Leads.

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Kiss Those Nasty AWS Billing Surprises Goodbye

CloudForecast helps Coffee Meets Bagel take control of their monthly budget and save thousands on AWS.

Chew on the Case Study
"CloudForecast's daily succinct email helps our team identify unnecessary spending by highlighting AWS spikes. These unexpected change in cost would otherwise go unnoticed for weeks."
Bruno Miranda
VP of Engineering, Doximity
"The CloudForecast cost reports have been great for WebFlow. The simplicity of the reports has made it easy for us to track our spend with AWS and helps ensure our cost does not spiral out of control."
Bryant Chou
CTO, WebFlow
"The email help weeds out the noise and focuses on what is important on my AWS bill. (...) CloudForecast has saved us thousands of dollars of recurring cost!"
James Avery
CEO, Kevel
"CloudForecast has easily saved us thousands of dollars by calling out anomalous spending, and our infrastructure would not be nearly as efficient without it!"
David Kirk
Senior DevOps, ReviewTrackers
"CloudForecast has provided me a low friction method to stay on top of my AWS cloud spend. Helping me not only see that costs when up, but why and from where."
Dru Sellers
President and COO, One More Cloud
"The benefit 605 receives by not employing a cloud accountant on staff to go through this every day more than pays for the CloudForecast service cost."
Jared Williams
Director of DevOps, 605
"You have probably paid for yourself 10 times over. I can't put a number on it, but I know you have saved us at a minimum tens of thousands of dollars..."
Stephen Brandon
Manager of Engineering and Infrastructure, Coffee Meets Bagel
Oh Yeah, There's More!
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Get Impactful Insights in Your Inbox

AWS Cost Explorer is too complicated, boring, and untargeted for most technical teams. DevOps managers.

CloudForecast's focused reports highlight the most important areas to address your AWS costs and usage — so you can get back to your core technical responsibilities.

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View & Manage
AWS Costs by Team

AWS non-segmented data in Cost Explorer is hard to parse and nearly impossible to break down to share with cross-functional teams. 

With CloudForecast, you can filter your AWS cost by sub-accounts and/or TagKeys. That means each engineering team or IC can subscribe to a daily cost report tailored for them and handle their own AWS costs.

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Select tags and/or sub-accounts
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Understand & Prevent
AWS Cost Overruns

AWS Cost Explorer doesn't eliminate the investigative work needed to report overspend. You're still going to waste a lot of time digging.

Not with CloudForecast. We show you exactly where your significant cost increases are, and where to take action. Now you can prevent costly AWS bills and build “root cause analysis” to prevent overspend from happening again.

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6 Thoughtful Features
to Save You Time & Tedium

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AWS Cost Monitoring Reports

Your daily report summarizes overall cost and alerts you of any cost anomalies.

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Teams & Slack Integration

Deliver our Daily Cost Reports directly to your engineering team via Teams & Slack.

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"Why?" Drill-down Grid

Understand the exact reasons for cost increases in less than 30 seconds.

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Monthly Financial Report

Send a monthly cost report especially designed for finance & management teams.

Tagging Icon
Tagging Compliance Report

Discover untagged AWS resources and ensure tagging compliance.

ZeroWaste Icon
ZeroWaste Report

Identify idle and underutilized resources for cost-saving opportunities.

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We Built the Lean, Focused AWS Reporting Tool We Always Wanted 

Hi! 👋 Francois and Tony here, co-founders of CloudForecast. We met years ago as early employees at a Y Combinator startup that had a successful exit, and quickly became friends.

We both saw a huge need for succinct, meaningful reporting within AWS. So we decided to band together and built it ourselves, testing it as we went on our own AWS spend.

As bootstrapped founders, we love meeting and helping our customers. When our customers choose CloudForecast, they are betting on us as self-funded founders. Our promise to them is to bring them value and be relentlessly helpful through our product.

If you have any questions (or just want to say hi), reach out!

CloudForecast Co-founder Francois
Meet Francois and Tony
Approachable support

3 Reasons to Try CloudForecast

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We’re Obsessed with
Customer Happiness

Without happy customers, we wouldn't exist. Both founders work in customer support every day.

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We Build What YOU Need

CloudForecast exists for just one reason: to keep your AWS spend understandable and under control. We love hearing feature requests! 

Search Pricing
We Price Fairly &

No lengthy contracts. No percentage pricing. Just predictable monthly pricing that fits your needs. (Oh, and a Free Forever plan if that’s what you need!)

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Skeptical Developers & Engineering Managers Have Asked…

How is this different from AWS Cost Explorer?

CloudForecast is not meant to be a replacement for AWS Cost Explorer. However, our customers find Cost Explorer lacking in features and reporting that their whole organization needs.

It is difficult to rely on multiple stakeholders to log-in cost explorer, find the right views, enter in the filters, pull the right reports, figure out where anomalies are and be proactive about monitoring cost. It's a mind numbing process to do this everyday, which distracts teams from actual technical challenges.

Our proactive reporting is well-designed and thoughtful, so that it takes less than 30 seconds to understand your cost and anomalies. We only surface the important information that a team needs to help answer questions.

Can't I just build this myself?

You can try if you have the time and engineering resources to build and maintain it! Companies that use CloudForecast do not have the that luxury or time to have their engineering resources tied up to building internal tooling.

The opportunity cost is high, which can take away precious engineering time and resources from building features that drive their organization forward. We make it easy for with an out-of-the-box solution that requires little engineering resources to get started.

Example: AWS makes changes to their CUR file format all the time without letting their users know about it. It often can be a surprise when this happens and time consuming to find and adjust to those changes.

Is my data safe with the permissions I am providing?

We only need read-only access to your S3 billing bucket. Our app does not have the ability to make changes to your AWS account. All of our data and credentials are encrypted using the AES encryption algorithm with a 256-bit key. Our AWS data centers have achieved ISO 27001 certification, PCI DSS Level 1 compliance, and SAS70 Type II.

How does the free trial work?

We provide a 30 day free trial with no Credit Card required!

How much effort is required to get setup?

Initial configuration should take less than 4 minutes. We also provide free personal assistance via screen share for all new sign ups. You should receive your first AWS cost report within 24 hours. If you have any issues, you can always email us at hello@cloudforecast.io. We're here to help!

How does the billing work?

We charge on a recurring monthly basis. Our Hacker Plan is $99/month and our Growth Plan is $299/month.

There are features that we need that you are missing. Is this something you can help with?

Yes! This is something we can accommodate and help with our Enterprise Plan. We would love to hear your requirements and what you are looking for. Please reach out via hello@cloudforecast.io to setup a call with us.