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CloudForecast: Accurate Cloud Spending Forecasting with Top-Notch Support

“What sets CloudForecast apart from other cloud monitoring services is its top-notch customer support. The support team is always available to answer my questions and provide guidance whenever I need it. They are knowledgeable and responsive, and I appreciate their help.Overall, I highly recommend CloudForecast to anyone looking for a reliable cloud monitoring service. It is an excellent product with fantastic customer support, and I am glad to have found it.”

Dru Sellers
Vice President of Engineering

“I would absolutely recommend this product because I think the value that you get for the dollars that you spend is 100% there.”

Rahul N.

Finally a sane way to analyze AWS cost

We rely heavily on AWS reserved instances for cost optimization. This causes the cost explorer to show comically incorrect predictions for the first 2 weeks of each month. CloudForecast is the first tool that has helped us accurately analyze AWS costs. I love their slack integration and the daily spend reports. This helps us stay on top of our AWS spending before it’s too late.

Tim L.

Worth it’s weight in gold!

“CloudForecast is an insurance policy we can’t afford to live without. It’s super simple to set-up and provides (us) a daily deep dive into potential problems within our AWS infrastructure Has saved £5k+ on AWS bills within first 6 months.”

Jd H.

How I stopped worrying about my AWS bill

“Integrating CloudForecast was trivial, and the insight I receive daily is incredibly powerful. The 2 best features are the “Why?” explanation of sudden AWS cost increases, and the daily email digest of the spending forecast. The forecast tells me exactly how today’s spending compares with historical spending, and if there are no problems I need to address, I can archive the email and go on with my day. If spending is up, there’s a “Why?” link at the top of the email that will let me drill into the cause of cost increase, letting me discover the answer in less than 30 seconds. Together these have been tremendously helpful in worrying less about my AWS spend and getting it fixed when I need to.”

Joe F.

Don’t be surprised by your AWS bill again!

“CloudForecast notifies you when changes in your AWS account lead to higher AWS spend. CloudForecast breaks down how and where you are spending and helps you curb wasteful spending.”

Bryant Chou
Chief Technology Officer

“The CloudForecast cost reports have been great for WebFlow. The simplicity of the reports has made it easy for us to track our spend with AWS and helps ensure our cost does not spiral out of control.”

Ben G.

Good product, responsive team

“Seeing daily updates on spend is very helpful as we juggle multiple projects and need to keep an eye on all of them.”

Inci T.
Cloud Security Engineer

CloudForecast Cost Management for AWS

“It was easy to setup. The user interface on the website is easy to use, and the structure of daily reports is easy to understand.”

Mike M.
Head of Engineering

Straightforward Cost Management

“As an early-stage startup, we want to keep a close eye on our burn rate, and our cloud cost is an essential piece of that. After looking for several solutions, including AWS’ built-in cost management tools, we settled on CloudForecast due to how simple the solution was to use. We get a daily recap right in Slack that keeps us informed of our cloud costs.”

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