Boost your AWS tagging strategy with CloudForecast's Compliance Report

With CloudForecast's AWS Tagging Compliance Report, you can gain a comprehensive view of your current tagging landscape based on your strategy, and easily identify any untagged AWS resources.

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“My whole job is around automation”, he says, “Any time saved for my team is the salary of those engineers saved for the company.”

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Jared Williams

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Edit and manage aws tagging strategy

One Stop Shop to Manage Tagging Strategy

Simply input your tag keys and values into our app, and our system will scan through all of your AWS resources for compliance, taking care of the rest for you.

Ensure AWS Tagging Compliance

Our monthly report breaks down your AWS resources by sub-accounts, resource coverage, product, tag values, and other areas, providing you with a comprehensive view of your current resource tagging status.

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A full list of untagged resources in the report

Discover Untagged Resources

Our report provides you with a full list of untagged resources, including a .tsv file with details such as resource ID, product name, account name, and total charges. This makes it easy for you to catch up and identify focus areas for tagging.

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How GroundTruth Achieved 32% Annualized Savings With CloudForecast

CloudForecast has helped the GroundTruth engineering team focus on the right areas and prioritize appropriately. As a result, they exceeded their cost-optimization goals for 2023, eclipsing 32% in annualized savings.

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