Our AWS features are customer-inspired, reflecting your needs

All the features we've developed directly result from listening to our customers. We've taken into consideration the needs of Engineering, SRE, DevOps, and Infra teams to ensure that our features meet their requirements and the problems they are looking to solve related to AWS costs.

Aws daily cost report
Why drill down table example
Monthly financial report overview
Tagging compliance report
Custom reports tool for aws
Zerowaste report for aws waste management
Aws cost dashboard sample
Aws reserved instance report

AWS Daily Cost Reports

Easy-to-read AWS Daily Cost Reports

Our easy-to-read daily AWS cost management reports provide detailed cost visibility across total spend, end of the month forecast, product, region, and tag. The daily reports only surface the most important cost information and provides cost anomaly alerts to your team.

  • Daily AWS cost forecast alerts

  • Slice and dice your AWS cost

  • Discover reasons for cost over-runs

Aws daily cost report

“Why?” Drill-down Table

Rapidly Respond to Cost Increases

Our “Why?” drill-down table will save you time and investigative work by weeding out all the noise and highlighting the exact AWS service, resources, and tagKey.

  • Quickly investigate and drill-down cost increases

  • Quickly investigate and drill-down cost increases

  • Unique and shareable across your teams

Why drill down table example

Monthly Financial Report

High-level AWS Financial Reports

Deliver high-level AWS cost trends with our Monthly Financial Report to Finance and C-level execs teams. Our monthly excel report gives high level monthly financial overview of your AWS cost that financial stakeholders can understand and relate to.

  • The templated excel report is ready and available to use

  • We take every possible data point from your AWS cost

  • Designed for financial and C-level teams

Monthly financial report overview

Tagging Compliance Report

AWS Tagging Compliance Made Easy

CloudForecast’s AWS Tagging Compliance Report gives you a full view of your current tagging landscape based on your tagging strategy and helps you quickly find untagged AWS resources.

  • One stop shop to manage tagging strategy

  • Ensure AWS tagging compliance

  • Discover untagged resources

Tagging compliance report

Custom Reports Tool

Slice and Dice AWS Costs For Your Teams

CloudForecast’s custom reports tool gives you the ability to create and send multiple AWS cost reports tailored to different recipients within your organization.

  • Alert configuration

  • Slice and dice by Tags and Sub-accounts

  • Monthly budgets by teams

Custom reports tool for aws

ZeroWaste Report

Discover Visibility into Idled AWS Resources

ZeroWaste helps you find and discover possible idle resources within EC2, RDS, EBS Volume, S3, ALB/ELB and other areas that are costing you money.

  • Hidden cost saving opportunities

  • Proactive reporting via email

  • Quick and secure setup via CloudFormation

Zerowaste report for aws waste management

AWS Cost Dashboard

Drill Down into Your AWS Costs

Our dashboards make it quick and easy to find the answers you need about any cost increases from your daily cost reports. Need to figure out why S3, EC2 or RDS, went up We give you the ability to drill down into any of the charts so you can figure out the exact areas of cost increase.

  • Easily identify AWS cost increases

  • Find cost anomalies

  • Historical view of your AWS cost

Aws cost dashboard sample

AWS Reserved Instances and Savings Plans Monitoring

AWS Reserved Instances and Savings Plans Monitoring

We make it simple by consolidating all your AWS Reserved Instances and Saving Plans data in one place and proactively push the most important information to your team.

  • Weekly AWS reserved instances report

  • Daily AWS RI and savings plans monitoring

Aws reserved instance report

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