AWS Reserved Instances and Savings Plans Monitoring

Monitoring your AWS Reserved Instances and Saving Plans Investment can be cumbersome. We make it simple by consolidating all your AWS Reserved Instances and Saving Plans data in one place and proactively push the most important information to your team.

Reserved instances of savings plans monitoring

“My whole job is around automation”, he says, “Any time saved for my team is the salary of those engineers saved for the company.”

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Jared Williams

Director of DevOps

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Weekly aws reserved instances report overview

Weekly AWS Reserved Instances Report

The weekly AWS Reserved Instances report lets your team know of underutilized Reserved Instances, what the coverage is, missed savings opportunities, and upcoming Reserved Instances expirations across all major AWS products: EC2, Redshift, ElastiCache, RDS, and Elastic Search.

Daily AWS RI and Savings Plans Monitoring

Our daily cost reports help you monitor utilization and expiration of your Reserved Instances and Saving Plans purchases on AWS.

Add this onto your daily cloud cost reports and we’ll let you know right in the subject line the health status of your Reserved Instances and Saving Plan investment.

Daily aws and saving plans monitoring

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How Dynata’s Team leverages CloudForecast

Michael’s responsibility includes identifying and implementing the most efficient use of cloud resources. To that end, his team’s initial challenge was to figure out which department to charge for the use of resources associated with each AWS account. 

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Aws reserved instances and saving plans