Deliver Monthly AWS Cost Trends to Your Finance and C-Level Execs Teams

Deliver high-level AWS cost trends with our Monthly Financial Report to Finance and C-level execs teams. Our monthly excel report gives high level monthly financial overview of your AWS cost that financial stakeholders can understand and relate to.

High level monthly cost financial reports

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Jared Williams

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Templated excel report for aws cost data every month

Save Time and Money

There is no need to pull data, build, design and send reports every single month. The templated excel report is readily available to use with your existing AWS cost data every month.

Better Designed AWS Invoice

We take every possible data point from your AWS cost, and break it down in an easy to understand format.

The report includes overall cost trends, products, taxes, support, discounts, cost allocation tag, sub-account, comparisons and averages and many others.

Aws master payer account overview
Monthly financial report is designed for financial teams

Designed for Financial and C-level Teams

The Monthly Financial Report is designed and built for financial teams (finance, accounting, etc.) and C-level teams that want a quick and high-level of understanding of the cost without too much detail.

All the data is dropped in an excel spreadsheet that financial stakeholders prefer.

How We Help Customers Eliminate Wasted AWS Costs

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How GroundTruth Achieved 32% Annualized Savings With CloudForecast

CloudForecast has helped the GroundTruth engineering team focus on the right areas and prioritize appropriately. As a result, they exceeded their cost-optimization goals for 2023, eclipsing 32% in annualized savings.

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