Slice and dice your AWS costs for your teams

CloudForecast's custom reports tool gives you the ability to create and send multiple AWS cost reports tailored to different recipients within your organization.

Slice and dice aws cost report

“CloudForecast’s daily succinct email helps our team identify unnecessary spending by highlighting AWS spikes. These unexpected change in cost would otherwise go unnoticed for weeks.”

Bruno miranda

Bruno Miranda

VP of Engineering, Doximity

Engineering, SRE, DevOps, and Infra Teams at Top Brands Trust CloudForecast

Daily spend custom alert

Configure Your Alerts

We understand that every business is different and AWS monitoring varies from team to team. Configure your own spend alerts for product, region or tag, to help you monitor your AWS costs closely.

Slice and Dice by Tags and Sub- accounts

Need a custom report for a specific sub account or tag from your AWS account for your CFO or VP of Engineering? Our dimensions and filters have you covered to send them exactly what they need.

Sub account and tags configuration
Monthly budgets configuration for teams

Monthly Budgets by Teams

We make it easy to report on budgets for your teams to actual cost with CloudForecast. Slice and dice your costs by tags or sub-accounts and then set a monthly budget for specific reports.

How we help customers eliminate wasted costs on AWS

Learn why Engineers love CloudForecast and how we are helping them monitor and eliminate wasted cost on Amazon Web Services.

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How GroundTruth Achieved 32% Annualized Savings With CloudForecast

CloudForecast has helped the GroundTruth engineering team focus on the right areas and prioritize appropriately. As a result, they exceeded their cost-optimization goals for 2023, eclipsing 32% in annualized savings.

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Engineering, DevOps, SRE and Infra Teams Love Us

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AWS cost management is easy with CloudForecast

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