About Us

Hi! 👋 We're Francois and Tony. We're good friends and the co-founders of CloudForecast.

We met years ago as early employees at a Y Combinator startup that had a successful exit. We saw a huge need for lean, focused reporting within AWS and we decided to band together and provide the perfect solution we wished we had while managing our own AWS spend.

We love being relentlessly helpful and building relationships with anyone that signs up. If you have any questions (or just want to say hi) reach out. 

Our Mission And Vision

We're building a different type of AWS cost management SaaS, one that focuses on our customers. At CloudForecast, we believe that every team in an organization should have access to the AWS cost management tool without breaking the budget.

We want your company to save money and we want to empower you to have all the tools you need to make informed decisions. AWS cost management and staying within your budget shouldn't be hard, overcomplicated or expensive. We're building features to make cloud cost savings effortless for everyone in your organization.

Tony Chan

Co-founder & CEO

Tony runs the business operations at CloudForecast, customer success, support, marketing, and sales.

Outside of work, Tony enjoys reading about Asian-American history, Asian cuisines, and visiting Chinatowns around the world. Raised in the south side of Chicago, he loves the White Sox, Da Bulls, Da Dears, Polish Sausages, Hot Dogs, and Mike Ditka.

Francois Lagier

Co-founder & CTO

Francois is our CFO (Chief *French* Officer). He runs the tech side of CloudForecast with Kattya and always asks Tony for customer feedback.

When he is not building CloudForecast, you can find him running/biking around San Francisco or watching a Marseille (his hometown) soccer game. His latest passion: making and eating fresh pasta using the flour + water cookbook.

Arturo Puente

Senior Software Engineer

Arturo is our Senior Full-stack Software Engineer at CloudForecast. He helps us design, architect, plan and build new features for our users.

When he is not helping Francois and Tony stay on track with the latest and great features for our users, he enjoys Formula 1, video games and sim racing.

Fernando Mendoza

Software engineer

Fernando is our Full-stack Software Engineer here at CloudForecast. He helps us build cool new products and features for our customers.

When not slinging amazing code, he enjoys playing football, dancing and drawing characters from his favorite manga/anime.

Kacy Fortner

Co-founder & technical Advisor

Kacy is a guru at saving money on AWS. So much so that you sometimes can find him suggesting ways to rebalance Reserved Instances to strangers on the bus.

You can often find him hanging out in parks with CloudForecast's Chief Security Officer, Charlie. He's also an avid homebrewer and fan of the best college basketball team in the world.

Got Questions? Let's Chat!

Want to learn more about what we're building at CloudForecast? We would love to chat with you on how we can improve our product and the problems you are facing... and really anything you want to chat about!

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