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Get The Most Out Of Your AWS Reserved Instances With CloudForecast's New Monitoring Feature

Get The Most Out Of Your AWS Reserved Instances With CloudForecast's New Monitoring Feature

We’re constantly looking for ways to help deliver additional value that saves you time and money on Amazon Web Services.

Starting today, subscribers of our Growth and Enterprise plan will be able to turn on a new section for their daily AWS cost reports featured called Reserved Instances monitoring. This new CloudForecast’s feature will help ensure your Reserved Instances purchases are not going to waste by actively monitoring utilization and expiration across a few major AWS products: EC2, ElastiCache, RedShift and RDS.

This new section takes a proactive approach that gives you an easy to understand snapshot of what is going on with your AWS Reserved Instances purchases right in your existing daily cost reports. A few quick feature tidbits:

If at any point your Reserved Instances are underutilized, a new alert in the subject line will let you know how many Reserved Instances are being underutilized: Underutilized AWS reserved instances alert

In addition, we give you the ability to customize your utilization thresholds right in our application: Customization of utilization thresholds

If you are already subscribed to our Growth or Enterprise plan, this feature is available if you made the transition to the new AWS CUR files. Here you can read more on how you can enable the CUR files for your CloudForecast account.

We hope this feature will be able to help you save time and money! Please reach out to us if you have any feedback for us or if you are interested in trying out this feature:

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