Giving Tuesday: America Scores, Code Your Dreams, My Block My Hood My City

Tony Chan co-founder and chief executive officer

2 Dec, 2020

3 mins read

Giving Tuesday: America Scores, Code Your Dreams, My Block My Hood My City150

We built CloudForecast out of our love of working together, solving tough problems, helping others, and making new friends. This has been stated right in our About Us page since the inception of our company.

The “helping others” is important to Francois and I since that gives us the most fulfillment with building and growing CloudForecast. The grind of building a startup is a long and tough journey, but knowing that we are helping our users directly keeps us going.

In that same vein, we also believe that “helping others” should not only be about CloudForecast, but should also extend beyond what we do professionally as startup founders. It needs be part of our everyday lives and extend into enriching and giving back to the communities we live in.

We’re donating a portion of CloudForecast’s December revenue to three 501(c)(3) non-profit organizations in Chicago and San Francisco for Giving Tuesday that are focused on empowering and helping inner-city youth:

America scores bay area - San Francisco

America Scores Bay Area (San Francisco) “Since 2001, SCORES has been delivering joyful learning opportunities to Bay Area children. Our Mission: to empower children to lead healthy lifestyles, be engaged and collaborative students and have the confidence and character to make a difference in the world. We value results, outcomes, and tangible impact for our students and our communities.”

This is all done through soccer programs, poetry and service learning.

Code Your Dreams - Chicago

Code Your Dreams (Chicago) “Code Your Dreams establishes the next generation of innovators and disruptors by empowering youth to solve their community’s problems through code.

Our students don’t just build technology, they also build their communities. Code Your Dreams develops a pipeline of young people from diverse backgrounds to enter tech careers. Our project-based and student-centered programs enable youth to be the change makers we know they are through code.

Code Your Dreams offers an unmatched curriculum for middle and high school students. Multi-year programs bring students from no coding experience to advanced competency.”

My Block My Hood My City - Chicago

My Block My Hood My City (Chicago)“My Block, My Hood, My City provides underprivileged youth with an awareness of the world and opportunities beyond their neighborhood. We take students on explorations focused on STEM, Arts & Culture, Citizenry & Volunteerism, Health, Community Development, Culinary Arts, and Entrepreneurism.

Explore: At My Block, My Hood, My City we believe in providing opportunities for others to step outside their comfort zone and explore new communities, cultures, and cuisines in an effort to gain a greater understanding of the world.

Experience: At My Block, My Hood, My City we believe in encouraging others to fully immerse themselves in new experiences, continuously soaking up new knowledge and expanding their network.

Evolve: At My Block, My Hood, My City we believe that each and every one of us needs to take responsibility for our communities; it is only through our efforts of service, empathy, and collaboration will we see our communities truly evolve.”

Check our these organizations when you get a chance if you’re looking for organizations to donate to. Francois and I are happy that we can give back these three non-profit organizations are doing creative programming for the communities in San Francisco and Chicago.

Thank you all for the support this past year. We’re looking forward to doing more of this in 2021. Let’s all do what we can to make our communities a better place.

Tony Chan co-founder and chief executive officer
Tony is a co-founder of CloudForecast and runs all the business operations: customer success, support, marketing and sales.

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