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Have AWS related questions? We Would Love to Help!

Francois Co-founder CloudForecast

Francois Lagier

20 May, 2020
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Have AWS related questions? We Would Love to Help!150

Since we started in 2019, we wrote a few blog posts about the technologies that we use daily at CloudForecast. A very popular one is Using AWS Athena to Convert A CSV file to Parquet. Our goal with these articles is to give back to the community and hopefully help some folks around the world build some cool stuff on Amazon Web Services.

After reading our posts, people have reached out to us with questions and we absolutely loved helping! We were able to help them, learn about their business and even came up with new blog post ideas. Win-Win.

Obviously, we won’t re-design your entire infrastructure from scratch but we would be happy to discuss your overall approach or answer very specific questions. (i.e. `I’m using Athena and I’m now getting 2-3 billions of GET on S3, any thoughts?` or `I am trying to read a Parquet file using Python but no luck. Can you help`)

Schedule a time with our calendly link or drop us an email at hello@cloudforecast.io. We are looking forward to your questions and seeing how we can help.

Francois Co-founder CloudForecast
Francois Co-founder CloudForecast

Francois Lagier

Francois is our CFO (Chief *French* Officer) and a co-founder. He runs the tech side of CloudForecast with Kacy and is always asking Tony for customer feedback.

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