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Send AWS Usage Reports Via Slack And Other New Cost-Saving Features

Send AWS Usage Reports Via Slack And Other New Cost-Saving Features

We have four new features available today on CloudForecast. Here is a quick rundown of everything new and shiny.


  1. Slack Integration: Deliver AWS cost reports to a Slack channel of your choice.
  2. PagerDuty & Opsgenie Integration: Page stakeholders of any major increase of AWS cost via PagerDuty or Opsgenie
  3. Frequency: Only send cost reports if it’s cloudy or stormy.
  4. Historical Reports: View past AWS cost reports starting from Jan 2019.

Slack Integration

Slack is one the best collaboration and communication tools for organizations. With a friendly developer ecosystem and wide adoption amongst our customers, we knew it was a no brainer for us to build an integration to deliver CloudForecast’s daily AWS cost reports to a Slack channel of your choice.

AWS cost reports in Slack

Encourage collaboration and discussion around your AWS cost.

We’re seeing different organizations (tech and non-tech) within companies collaborate and discuss our reports sent to their Slack channels during our beta test. It gives a way for your whole organization to have more awareness around AWS cost management.

“We have the Ops Team as well as the bean-counters subscribed to the Slack channel where the alerts are published”

Getting our Slack integration takes less than 2 minutes to implement if you are an existing customer. Click here to learn more.

Example use case: Do you have a financial stakeholder that would like to see the cost reports? Create a new custom report and a new slack channel to deliver AWS cost reports directly to them. Our reports are easy enough to understand and digest for non-tech/eng teams.

PagerDuty and Opsgenie Integration

In addition to our Slack integration, we developed integrations with two most widely used incident management platforms, PagerDuty and OpsGenie. Within our integration dashboard, you’ll be able to set the frequency to only page a team member if it’s “cloudy/stormy only report” or “stormy only report”.

Example use case: If you have someone on your team responsible for a tag or specific sub-account in AWS and cost has increased a significant amount, you can build a report around that and page the person of the increase. The page will have details of where the increase is and the %.

But wait there's more meme


Sick of seeing sunny reports and want to only send cloudy/stormy reports? With all our old and new ways to deliver reports, email, slack, PagerDuty and Opsgenie, there is now an option called “frequency” that gives you the ability to only send the report if it’s Cloudy or Stormy!

Past AWS Cost Reports

CloudForecast's historical AWS cost control reports

You can now go back and look at old cost reports

You now have a way to go back and view all your historical reports starting from Jan 2019 within the report section of the dashboard. You can sift through a list of reports by month, see quickly if it was a sunny/cloudy/stormy report, get the total spend for that day and view the full report right in your dashboard. This makes it super easy if you need to go back and analyze something on a certain day.

Phew. That was a long list!

Special thanks to all our customers who have given us feedback and suggestion. We’re already heads down for our next feature sprint to help you save even more money on AWS.

If you have any feedback or suggestion for us, feel free to reach out directly to us:

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