New Features: AWS Monthly Financial Report and Dashboard Improvements

Tony Chan

Last updated 25 Jul, 2023

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New Features: AWS Monthly Financial Report and Dashboard Improvements150

We’re ending the month of March with one new feature and and existing feature improvement:

AWS Monthly Financial Report

Deliver high-level AWS cost trends with our Monthly Financial Report to Finance and C-level execs teams.

Available by default with our Enterprise plan and as an “add-on” for other plans.

The new AWS Monthly Financial Report solves two overarching problems we see frequently within organizationally complex companies:

  1. The invoice from Amazon Web Services is vague and does not provide a detailed breakdown of where costs are going.
  2. There are multiple stakeholders within organizations that also care about the cost that arrives monthly (Finance, Accounting, C-level/VP teams).

With these two things in mind, the technical teams responsible for monitoring costs goes through the time consuming and mind numbing process of building and reconciling financial reports of their AWS cost every month when the invoice arrives. This is a huge distraction when their focus should be technical challenges, and not financial reporting.

The new Monthly Financial Report is an excel report that gives a comprehensive summary of every line item in AWS by month and cost comparisons/trends that financial stakeholders can easily understand. We spent the last 5 months beta testing this feature with financial controllers, accounting teams, VP of Finance and CFO’s to ensure the report is answering their questions when the invoice arrives every month.

We have made a mind numbing task into a quick and automated one every month for your whole organization to get cost visibility. We welcome any feedback on ways we can improve this report!

Improved Dashboard Performance and Navigation

Edit report dashboard - Improved dashboard performance and navigation

Note: Hacker plan subscribers are limited to 60 days of data retention. Growth and Enterprise Plan will have unlimited data retention.

Starting today, customers will experience faster loading dashboards and an improved navigation experience with tabs to separate the multiple views. In addition, we added a new view under the “Tags” tab called “Charges by TagKey and Value – Last 7 days” to give users a breakdown of all every single charge by TagKey and Value. We hope these small changes will bring a better experience for those who need to use our dashboards to drill-down in their cost increases. If there are custom views, dashboards or different graphs you would like to see, don’t hesitate to reach out to let us know!

We’re thankful for all our customers that we get to work with directly and give us much needed feedback to improve our product. As always, if there are features we should be thinking about, don’t hesitate to reach out to me directly: [email protected] or take a look at my calendly link to schedule a time.

We would love the opportunity to learn about problems you’re dealing with and get feedback from you.

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