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< $99k/month cloud spend

Simple plan for startups that need a baseline in place to monitor AWS cost anomalies.

x1 daily cost report for your overall cost

Slack, PagerDuty and OpsGenie Integration

Cost anomaly alerts for daily spend, product, region, tags & sub-accounts

30 day report by product, region, tag & sub accounts

Dashboard (60 days limit)


/ per month

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< $99k/month cloud spend

Perfect for companies that need slice and dice their cost and send multiple custom cost reports to different stakeholders and teams.

All features included in Hacker plan

Savings Plan & Reserved Instances Monitoring

Slice and dice your cost via sub-accounts and/or tags.

x5 Custom Cost Reports to send to different teams and stakeholders

Dashboards (no limit)


/ per month

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> $100k+/month cloud spend

Custom plan for high-growth, organizationally complex companies that need to better cost visibility for technical and non-technical teams.

All features included in Hacker and Growth plan

Flexible number of Daily Cost Reports based on needs

Monthly Financial Report for Finance teams & C-level exec

AWS Tagging Compliance Report

Custom dashboards

VIP support via Slack


/ per month

Custom pricing based on feature needs
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1. Start your free-trial with one of the plans above that fit's your needs. We're also happy to help customize a pricing subscription plan if there is something missing. There are no overlords telling us how to do things :).

2. You can DIY to get started (which should only take 7 minutes), or you can setup a time with us and we will personally help you via screen share session. We're very intentional with our permissions with read-only access to an S3 billing bucket.

3. You'll hear from us personally from time to time via email to make sure you are taken care of. You'll also get emails from "Robo-Tony" with resources to make sure you are getting the most out of your trial. Respond back so we feel loved!

4. We'll give you a heads up when your free-trial is coming to an end. If you do end up becoming a customer, you can expect us to earn every penny of your business.

5. We're Francois and Tony! We're good friends and the co-founders of CloudForecast that met years ago as early employees at a Y Combinator startup. We love being relentlessly helpful and building relationships with anyone that signs up. Because of those two things, we have awesome customers who trust us with our product and give us valuable feedback on features that make their lives easier.

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