CloudForecast Joins AWS ISV-Accelerate Program!


Last updated 24 May, 2024

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On behalf of the CloudForecast team and as the new Director of AWS Alliance and Growth, I am pleased to announce our official entry into the prestigious AWS ISV Accelerate Program!

This milestone significantly elevates our partnership with AWS, enhancing our ability to deliver streamlined AWS cost management solutions to high-growth startups and digitally native businesses.

What We Do at CloudForecast

CloudForecast streamlines AWS cost management for companies without FinOps teams, where technical leaders like SREs and engineering managers oversee cloud expenses.

Our intuitive SaaS delivers daily cost reports and alerts that integrate smoothly within internal team communications, pinpointing unexpected charges and potential overruns for proactive budget management.

Our reports and features provide easy-to-understand visibility into project, department, or service spending, empowering technical stakeholders to make informed decisions and optimize their AWS resources.

Elevating our Partnership with AWS

Our inclusion in the AWS ISV Accelerate Program underscores our commitment to an all-in AWS strategy. This strategic focus enhances our visibility and strengthens our ability to deliver exceptional value through a targeted AWS-centric go-to-market motion, using the AWS Marketplace as our primary transaction vehicle.

Through our partnership with AWS, we are excited to empower AWS customers to scale their cloud resources more confidently and efficiently. This is ideal for startups, digitally native businesses, migrations use-cases, and AWS customers without dedicated FinOps teams and where engineering leads are tasked with managing AWS costs (typical cloud spends of up to $40M a year on AWS).

This boosts customer satisfaction and provides AWS teams with actionable insights to support tailored cloud adoption strategies, especially when discussing, securing, or renewing Private Pricing Agreement (PPA) / Enterprise Discount Plans (EDP).

The Landscape of Cloud Cost Management

Unlike traditional cloud cost management tools that cater to large enterprises with dedicated full-time FinOps teams, CloudForecast offers a streamlined and user-friendly alternative suited for the unique dynamics of startups and digitally native businesses.

This approach allows our users to maintain efficiency and agility as they grow without the complexity of enterprise solutions.

Socializing AWS Costs Within Tech Teams

At CloudForecast, we enhance transparency within technical teams by providing tools that push visibility and socialize AWS costs effectively. Our features help spark conversations around AWS costs and foster ownership and governance, thereby enhancing decision-making and optimization efforts.

Looking Ahead

With AWS by our side, we look forward to a future filled with innovation and expansion. We’re committed to continually improving AWS cost management for our users and are eager to share upcoming successes.

Click here to learn more about how CloudForecast has helped technical teams at organizations like GroundTruth, Coffee Meets Bagel, Dynata, Radius, Marqeta, and many others get better visibility into their AWS costs.

As our dedicated AWS Alliance maestro at CloudForecast, Antonio ensures our partnership is as robust and reliable as his bicycle tires. Before joining us, Antonio was part of the team at Sumo Logic, where their alliance with AWS was so tight, they almost included Jeff Bezos on their holiday card list. When he’s not syncing up with AWS or decoding partnership puzzles, you might find Antonio pedaling through the San Francisco hills or camping out under a canopy of stars—because who says you can’t mix a bit of star-gazing with cloud forecasting.

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