CloudForecast is a TinySeed company!

Tony Chan

Last updated 2 May, 2023

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CloudForecast is a TinySeed company!150

Francois and I are pleased to announce that we’ve accepted the offer to join TinySeed’s Accelerator Program for Spring 2021!

Out of thousands of applicants and a <2% acceptance rate, we were chosen as one of the few companies to join their 2021 batch. We’ve received funding from the program, but most importantly, we have the opportunity to learn from super sharp mentors, fellow batch members, alumni and of course the TinySeed team (Rob, Einar and Tracy) to help accelerate our growth.

The official announcement was made here today:

Announcement on their blog: Announcing TinySeed’s Spring 2021 Accelerator Batch

What is TinySeed?

Straight from their website:

TinySeed began with Rob Walling and Einar Vollset, serial entrepreneurs who noticed a gap in early-stage SaaS funding. We offer funding to add fuel to your fire. As well as guidance, advice, and mentorship from founders who have been in your shoes. We do this all without the headache of traditional fundraising, loss of control, or the pressure to build a unicorn. You might call us startup funding for the rest of us.

Why TinySeed?

When we started CloudForecast, our vision was to build a profitable bootstrapped SaaS startup on our own terms that focused on the needs of our customers, not investors. This approach is not the “traditional” route most tech startups take as many go through the funding cycle of seed round, Series A, etc. This resulted in us turning down funding opportunities that could have altered the way we built our company and what we envisioned as founders. Despite the challenges, we’ve found the experience and journey building a bootstrapped fulfilling and rewarding.

With TinySeed, it has always been an interesting program to us since it aligns with our values and convictions with the way we wanted to build CloudForecast. From Rob, Einar and Tracy and all the world-class mentors, we now have direct access to people who have built successful SaaS businesses that we can learn and grow from. The funding is nice, but the opportunity to learn from the best is priceless to us.

What’s Next for CloudForecast?

So what’s next for us? I guess we can no longer call ourselves a “bootstrapped startup”!

But, that’s okay since we managed to find a program and investors that aligns with our vision and values perfectly. Our convictions and vision will stay the same despite this small little change, service and meet the needs of our customers. After all, our customers were technically our first investors that believed in us and made a bet on us.

The funding from the program is a nice bonus that will help us move faster on new features and tighten up some existing ones. In fact, we’re already in the process of interviewing for our first full-time full-stack developer to help us on the technical and product side! If you like what you saw from us, you’ll only see even more good things from us moving forward.

Thank You

There are a few important thank you’s that are in order:

Our tribe of advisors and friends, Brad, Jordan, Kacy, Rob, Dan, Lon, Steve, August, Andy, Manny, Troy: You all have kept us accountable during this whole journey and to make sure we were on the right track. The emails of encouragement provided us energy we needed to press forward when things were tough. In addition, the emails of tough love provided the spark we needed when things seemed stale. We’re very grateful for the time you all took out of your free time to be part of our journey.

Our customers: Thank you for all the support and feedback. Every single conversation and email was vital to the success and growth. There wouldn’t be a CloudForecast without you all using our product and rooting for us along the way. Expect even more from us moving forward with the backing of TinySeed.

Most importantly, our Wives, Morgan and Tiffany. Thank you both for your unwavering support and encouragement the last 2.5 years. You’ve been there to celebrate every milestone and provided much needed support through all the ups and downs the startup life entails. You all were the first to believe in us and continue to do so as we grow CloudForecast. We 10000% couldn’t have done it without your love and support.

Other Companies in the Batch

We’re looking forward to learning and growing with our fellow Spring 2021 TinySeed batch members! This year’s batch is scattered all over the world

Aurelius– Aurelius is an all in one space for researchers to organize notes, capture insights, analyze data and share outcomes with your team

Breachsense – Breachsense enables security teams to reset stolen usernames and passwords before criminals exploit them.

CraftyBase – Craftybase is an inventory and bookkeeping package for handmade sellers.

Harbor Plan– Harbor Plan is an out-of-the-box sales tool that enables non-tech savvy users to follow-up automatically via email and text message. The software extracts a lead’s contact info as soon as it lands in the user’s inbox, sending a campaign of built-in content until the lead responds or books a consult.

Lasso Analytics, Inc. – Lasso is the all-in-one affiliate marketing plugin for WordPress. Lasso helps you create beautiful product displays, find new affiliate opportunities, and easily manage all of your important links in one place.

Lexgo – Lexgo is the first automated legal service for startups in Latam, enabling founders to complete their legal processes faster and at a fraction of the cost of a lawyer.

Localyser – Localyser is an online reputation management solution that helps businesses manage all of their reviews from across multiple platforms all from one place. Whether you manage one brand or several, one listing or a chain, our easy to use dashboard allows you to monitor, respond, analyze and also generate more reviews quickly.

Monolith Forensics – Monolith Pro is case, evidence, and lab management software for digital forensics labs and teams.

MSPCFO – MSPCFO leverages data in a managed services provide’s systems to identify actionable items that can drive growth and stability to the bottom line.

NewsCatcher – NewsCatcher: search through an indexed database of online-published news articles in near real-time

Planifi – Planfi provide’s project & resource planning for architects and engineers. Planifi makes it easy for Design Professionals to plan & schedule projects, forecast project performance and staffing utilization across offices and disciplines.

Postaga – Postaga is an all-in-one link building and outreach platform that helps marketers more quickly and easily drive traffic, increase search rankings, get press coverage, and connect with potential customers. Postaga’s workflow analyzes websites, blog posts, and podcasts to find the best outreach opportunities, retrieve their contact details, and sends them personalized outreach and follow-up emails.

Rails Autoscale – Rails Autoscale is a Heroku add-on for avoiding app slowdowns and lowering your Heroku bill.

SecurityStudio – Security risk SaaS applications.

Senior Place – We build a CRM system specifically designed for the rapidly growing Senior Placement and Referral industry.

Testable – Testable helps behavioral researchers create experiments and surveys in minutes instead of hours or days, using natural language instead of coding. We also help scientists collect better data through our reliable and diverse pool of verified participants.

Zentake – ZENTAKE is a patient intake management tool that improves Medical practices patient interactions with HIPAA compliant electronic forms. Taking the busywork out of collecting patient information, saving time, and improving the patient experience.

Tony Chan
Tony is a co-founder of CloudForecast and runs all the business operations: customer success, support, marketing and sales.

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