Demystify Your AWS EDP Negotiations

Demystify Your AWS EDP Negotiations

Feeling stuck with your AWS EDP negotiations? Don’t know where to start? Get a free financial overview of your AWS cost to help you forecast growth, compute and usage demands for your AWS EDP Negotiations.

In addition, we’ve partnered up with an EDP expert, Peter Shi at Goldiserv, to offer AWS EDP negotiation services. Get a free 30-min Assessment Call with Peter to help assess potential savings and pitfalls.


  • Monthly historical AWS cost by amortized cost, pure-usage, services, sub-accounts and many more
  • Financial data on all your Reserved Instances, Savings Plan and Spot purchases
  • Free 60-Day Free Trial of CloudForecast. No Credit Card Required
  • Free AWS EDP assessment call with Goldiserv to help assess potential savings and pitfalls

Need Guidance on your AWS EDP Negotiations?

Check out our free AWS EDP Negotiation guide so you know what to expect and how to prepare for your EDP discussions with AWS.

Free AWS EDP Financial Report

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Download the free 28 page pdf guide

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