CloudForecast Lets You Monitor and Eliminate Possible Wasted AWS Cost

CloudForecast helps companies monitor and optimize their AWS cost with simple, easy-to-understand reporting. and features. Our goal as a product is to provide features that are quick and easy to understand, which in turn helps your engineering team save time and money on AWS without significant effort.

Building analysis and pulling the reports on your AWS cost can be time-consuming, manual, and mind-numbing. The features we provide speed up this process, give you the data to decide on cost monitoring and optimization, and eliminate possible wasted AWS costs. We want your engineering team to focus on technical priorities that will help move your company forward, not mind-numbing financial reporting.

what is cloudforecast

CloudForecast Features

Our features are bucketed into three main themes that follow AWS cost optimization guidelines and best practices:

  1. AWS Resource Organization
  2. AWS Cost Monitoring, Reporting, and Analysis
  3. AWS Cost Optimization

AWS Resource Organization

  • AWS Tag Compliance Report: Enter your organization’s AWS tagging policy in our application, and we’ll produce an easy-to-understand compliance report to help you quickly find gaps in your tagging policy.
  • AWS Untagged Resources Report: A full .tsv file of all your untagged resources based on the AWS tagging policy that you are trying to enforce.

AWS Cost Monitoring, Reporting and Analysis

  • Daily AWS Cost Monitoring Reports – A daily AWS cost report that summarizes your cost (Overall cost product, region, tag, sub-accounts costs) and proactively alerts you of any significant cost anamoly. In less than 30 seconds, you’ll know the exact health of your AWS cost for the day.
  • Daily Slack AWS Cost Monitoring Reports – A Slack version of our Daily Cost Reports.
  • Daily AWS Reserved Instances and AWS Savings Plan Monitoring – An add-on to our Daily Cost Report. We summarize all your underutilized RI’s and Saving Plan’s and warn you of any upcoming expirations.
  • Weekly AWS Reserved Instances Utilization Report – A weekly report that breaks down all your AWS Reserved Instances by coverage, utilization, expirations and possible missed saving opportunities.
  • AWS Monthly Financial Report – An Excel report provides a high-level monthly financial overview of your AWS cost that financial stakeholders can understand and relate to.
  • Kubernetes Cost and Resource Monitoring (coming soon) – A daily report on key metrics (i.e. cost, utilization, etc.) at various Kubernetes level (i.e. namespace, pods, labels).

AWS Cost Optimization

  • #ZeroWaste: A monthly health check report that scans your resources across the following areas for possible wasted AWS costs and resources:
    • Elasctic Cloud Computing (EC2) – Old generations and over-provisioned instances
    • Application Load Balancer (ALB) – Find and report on all unused ALB
    • Elastic Block Store (EBS) – Report on old snapshots and unused / unattached EBS volumes.
    • Elastic Load Balancing (ELB) – Find and report on all unused ELB
    • Relational Database Service (RDS) – Overprovisioned and unused instances. Resize instances.