Weekly AWS Reserved Instances Report

Our AWS Reserved Instances is a weekly report that arrives every Tuesday. The report takes a proactive approach to your Reservation purchases and lets you know of any upcoming expirations and or underutilized reservations. There are two sections in this weekly report:

  1. Alerts
  2. Reserved Instnace Detail by Products

Note: This feature is only available for our Growth and Enterprise subscribers only.


This weekly report will alert you proactively if you have any Reserved Instances that are below the “Breakeven point” and/or if there are missed saving opportunities. The breakeven point threshold is on by default, but you can change the option to “Utilization” and set the percentages for alerts in our app Application / Reports / Weekly Reserved Instance Report.

Within the alert section, the report will display the top four in terms of missed saving opportunities and the following information:

  • Product
  • Region
  • Type
  • RI Coverage
  • RI Utilization
  • RI Net Savings
  • RI Missed Savings

You can click on “Detail” on any of these themes, which will lead you to a section of our app for a deeper dive with more details.

Reserved Instnace Detail by Products

This part of the report is a more detailed dive into the health of your Reserved Instances by product. We currently support the following product to report on:

  • EC2
  • Redshift
  • RDS
  • ElastiCache
  • ElasticSearch

This area will give you a summary of the following areas for each of these products:

  • RI Coverage
  • RI Utilization
  • RI Missed Savings
  • OnDemand Cost
  • Expirations (7, 30, 60 days)
  • Coverage and Utilization by Region