Check Out Our Onboarding Best Practices before Getting Started with AWS

Thank you for checking out CloudForecast! After you sign up for CloudForecast, there will be a <4 minute configuration process to get through. After completeing the configuration process, we have a few recommended onboarding best practices to ensure you’re getting the most of out our free-trial.

Below is a quick check list to help you get through the initial setup of CloudForecast.

  1. Enable AWS Cost and Usage Report
  2. Enable read-only access to an S3 bucket via CloudFormation
  3. Setup a Slack integration
  4. Adjust CloudForecast settings and thresholds to fit your use case
  5. Create an additional Cost Report
  6. Add in a Tagging Strategy

If you have any follow up questions, or if we can help out in any way, don’t hestitate to reach out to us via the chat bubble, or via email [email protected] + [email protected].

Setup Tutorial Video