Monthly Tagging Compliance Report

CloudForecast’s AWS Tagging Compliance Report gives you a full view of your current tagging landscape based on your tagging policy and helps you quickly find untagged AWS resources. Our AWS Tagging Compliance Report make it easy to ensure compliance and progress when it comes to tagging your AWS resources. When it comes to this monthly report, there are a few different sheets to help you further:

  • Tag Compliance – Overview
  • Non Resources Based Charges
  • TagKey Value Charges
  • Non compliance resources (top 1000)

In addition to the excel report, you’ll also receive a .tsv file of all your untagged resources based

Note: This feautre is available only for our Enterprise subscription plan. In order for us to pull a compliance report, we need you to enter in your tagging policy into our application: Application \ Tagging Strategies

Tag Compliance – Overview

This sheet will provide an overview of your tagging compliance based on the policy entered in our app. You can find the following information in this sheet:

Overview Tag Compliance

  • Total Charges
  • Compliance % of Charges
  • Resources Count
  • Compliance % of Resources

Tag Compliance by SubAccounts

  • Total Charges
  • Compliance % of Charges
  • Resources Count
  • Compliance % of Resources

Tag by Tag Resource Coverage

  • Resources Count
  • Valid – The percentage of the tagKey that are of compliance
  • Invalid – There is a Tag on the resources, but the value is incorrect.
  • Missing – There is no Tag at all on the resource.

Tag Compliance by Product

  • Total Charges
  • Compliance % of Charges
  • Resources Count
  • Compliance % of Resources

Note: All our numbers in this sheet will only include resources that are actually taggable.

Non Resources Based Charges

We break down all your resources that cannot be tagged and give you the full total charges. The sum of total charges here in this sheet and the total chrages in the Tag compliance sheet will equal to your overall AWS cost. Resources that cannot be tagged includes all API calls and other area for each AWS product.

TagKey Value Charges

This sheet compiles all the tagKey value and provides a breakdown of total costs for that month for each individual value. In addition, this will also report on the total charges of resources that are not tagged.

Non Compliant Resources

This sheet is a full roll up of your top 1000 non-compliant resources and sorted in descending order of cost over the last 30 days. In each row that represents a resource that is not tagged, you’ll find the following information:

  • ResourceID
  • ProductName
  • AccountName
  • Regions
  • TagKey and the status (Valid, Invalid and Missing)
  • Existing Tags

To supplement this sheet, we also provide a tsv roll up of all your resources that are not being tagged based on the policy provided in the app.