Monthly Financial Report (CFO Report)

Deliver high-level AWS cost trends with our Monthly Financial Report to Finance and C-level execs teams. Our monthly excel report gives monthly financial overview of your AWS cost that financial stakeholders can understand and relate to.

Within our Monthly Financial Report, there multiple sheets that give you breakdown of your cost:

  • Overview Sheet
  • Overview – RI
  • Overview – SP
  • Sub-account Sheets

If there is 3 months or more worth of CUR data, we provide a comparison of cost for the Overview sheet and any sub-account sheets to quickly identify cost trends. Green = trending lower. Red = Trending higher.

This is a monthly report and is pulled for our customers between the 6th to the 13th of the month. We send it to you when your previous month cost finalizes and/or when your EDP discount finalizes.

Overview Sheet

The overview sheet is the first sheet displayed when opening the excel file. There are a few sections in this sheet:

  • Overview
  • Total by Sub Accounts (w/o Discounts)
  • Tags / TagKey (if enabled
  • Product Usages (w/o Discounts and Taxes)


The overview cost section all your fixed cost or accounting costs. You can get following cost information in this section:

  • Grand Total
  • Sub Total
  • All Discounts (Credits, Refunds, etc.)
  • Enterprise Discount (If Applicable)
  • Support Cost
  • Taxes
  • RI Upfront
  • RI Discounted Usage


This section will give you your total cost by all of the sub-accounts.


Select a tagKey in our app and this will show the total cost of by tag values in that TagKey.


This section will list all your AWS cost by product/service. If there is Data Transfer associated with a product, we will break that out for you for full visibility. This section is sorted left to right and decdending in cost.

Overview – RI and SP

This sheet provides an analysis of your Reserved Instance and Saving Plan purchases and the overall cost of purchases and your ROI/Net Savings. This is all broken down by Overall across all of your AWS accounts and then by each sub-account. You can find the following analysis in this sheet:

  • Amortized Fees
  • OnDemand Equivilant
  • NetSavings

For each sub-account, you’ll get the following data if applicable

  • Upfront fee
  • Recurring fee