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Microsoft Teams Integration

Our Microsoft Teams integration provides another way for our daily cost reports to be sent to your team. For every additional cost report you build in our app, you can have it sent to a “Teams” of your choice.

Video Tutorial

Step by Step Tutorial

  1. Go to your Microsoft Teams, select a “Teams” you want to send our cost report to and Click Connectors

    step 1

  2. Search for “Incoming Webhooks” and press “Configure”

  3. Name the Incoming Webhook “CloudForecast”

  4. Upload our logo to replace the Default Image and Press Create.

    CloudForecast Logo

    step 4

  5. Copy the webhook URL and navigate back to CloudForecast.

    step 6

  6. Click on “Integrations” link in the app, paste in the URL from step 6 under “Microsoft Teams” and press “Save Changes”

    step 7

  7. Success! Within 24-36 hours, CloudForecast will send the daily cost reports in the “Teams” you selected.